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Blockchain Webinar series


An introduction to Blockchain Series

Overview of blockchain

Professor Raghu Rau Cambridge judge business school



Module 1: An introduction to blockchains

Session 1: What is a blockchain? When might you need a blockchain? When don’t you need a blockchain?

Session 2: The characteristics of blockchain, Examples of areas where blockchains are useful

Session 3: Why are blockchains better than traditional databases?

Module 2: How does the blockchain work?

Session 1: Private and public keys

Session 2: Cryptographic hashing

Session 3: Mining


Module 3: Applications of blockchains

Session 1: Bitcoin

Session 2: Cryptocurrencies

Session 3: Altcoins and ICOs

Module 4: Smart contracts

Session 1: Setting up a smart contract

Session 2: Using smart contracts

Session 3: Problems with smart contracts

Module 5: Using blockchains

Session 1: Certification of trust

Session 2: Identity management

Module 6: Conclusion

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