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Joakim Hillberg

Lean Transformation Specialist

Joakim Hillberg has been involved in a wide range of scale lean transformations in over 15 countries for over 28 years. The main focus of his practice is achieving organisational change and creating a system of continuous improvement with sustainable results by building capability through an integration of training, implementing and coaching clients. Together with his colleague Pia Anhede they have been working in a broad range of industries both in manufacturing, television, service, public sector, IT and healthcare in functions ranging from production, product development, sales to support functions as HR and finance. They have extensive training in improvement methods and thinking from Japanese experts (JMAC, Shingijutsu, Gemba Research and at Toyota in Gifu and Nagoya).

Three of their clients have won the annual Swedish Lean prize. Beside authoring numerous articles, co-written books Joakim also lectures regularly on Lean and Change Management at universities. Joakim has also been involved in several pro-bono initiatives like Swedish Lean Forum (former board member and chairmen), ELEC (European Lean Educator Conference), organizer of KataCon EU, training of over 300 teachers how to teach scientific thinking in school. Joakim has a MSc from Chalmers University of Technology and an MBA from INSEAD. They are also responsible and have developed all of Plan’s Lean courses in Sweden (largest trainer in Sweden) and run Sweden’s largest Lean Certificatory according to the Lean Competency System.