Dr Carsten Sørensen

Associate Professor of Information Systems and Innovation Department of Management at The London School of Economics

Dr Carsten Sørensen is a Reader (Associate Professor) in Digital Innovation at LSE’s Department of Management. Since the 1980s he has researched the digital transformation of business and work, for example through mobile technology (enterprisemobilitybook.com), as well as digital platforms and infrastructures (digitalinfrastructures.org).

Carsten has published a significant number of papers within the top journals within Information Systems (scholar.carstensorensen.com) and has been affiliated with a number of Danish, Swedish and British institutions. He has for a number of years assisted and assessed digital start-ups and has actively engaged for 25 years in academic consultancy and executive education with a broad range of organisations – IMF, Microsoft, Google, Huawei, PA Consulting, Samsung, Orange, Vodafone, Intel, to name a few.